So the VS fashion show is tonight… I live in the west coast so it’s in about 12 minutes.

To be honest, if you’re a girl and not a sexy model, watching the VS fashion show takes a lot of strength and courage. 

It takes A LOT to drag yourself in front of the television, turn on channel 8, and watch these flawless beings strut what you don’t have.😦

Sorry to be depressing, I don’t know if it’s a harmless observation or me being my insecure teen self.🙂


Hi! This is obviously new to me and if you’re reading this, I probably don’t know who you are. I made this word press because

  1. “Blogger” was taking way to long!
  2. I really like expressing my views about whatever comes to mind, but some people find that annoying.
  3. I just like to write.

So basically I’m making this to express my opinions about art, culture, politics… basically current events. I also like talking about my experiences, but take it easy on me… I’m just in High School.

WordPress didn’t really give an “about me” page, so I’ll write one myself.

  • I’m female and I’m an high school.
  • I’m weird and not much like my classmates.
  • My interests are anthropology, astronomy, psychology, art, fashion, music, films, current events, politics, foreign policy and I’m also in my school’s forensics team.
  • I don’t think I left anything out.

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Happy blogging!


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